"The 'genius' in Genius Inc. is their excellent quality and absolute dedication to the success of my manufacturing operations, so that I can keep my own customers happy." - Bodi Orton, Caliber Precision​
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Reinventing Manufacturing

The Schlitter name is well known in the screw machine tool industry where reliable high volume production is a must. Our founder, David Schlitter, is a third-generation tool designer and manufacturer and has dedicated Genius Inc. to reinventing American manufacturing with innovative, modern solutions to today's manufacturing challenges- less skilled labor, smaller production runs, and the incessant need for speedy turnaround (which means quick tool deliveries and the ability to process complex parts in as few setups as possible).

Genius design starts with understanding the needs of today's manufacturers and extends beyond the blueprint to exceptional customer support. Genius products absolutely outlast and outperform the competition and include thoughtful features not found elsewhere. Our products lines will allow you to get more done in less time and meet or exceed the needs of your customers.

For more information on our products or to explore solutions for your production needs, contact us at david@genius-inc.com or call (810) 937-2974.

We are located in Southeast Michigan and serve manufacturers everywhere.