"The 'genius' in Genius Inc. is their excellent quality and absolute dedication to the success of my manufacturing operations, so that I can keep my own customers happy." - Bodi Orton, Caliber Precision​
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Insert Tech

What if you could reduce lead times for your profile tooling? What if you could reduce setup times without any additional cost? At Genius, we use the principles of "mass customization" to provide our customers with quick delivery of custom insert style form and shave tooling and can work with your organization to improve setup times by incorporating most of the setup in a datum point tooling system customized for your operations.

Our thicker insert design provides significantly more mass to absorb heat and the shock of hard machining while also allowing lead times typically half that of the competition. Our screw-down insert system eliminates jaws which can interfere with coolant and chip flow and provides more reliable positioning, making it easier for even inexperienced operators to avoid tool change errors.

  Reinventing Manufacturing

Combining the high positional accuracy of a screw down insert with the principles of mass customization is a Genius idea which gives you a high-accuracy, quick-change tooling system with less than half the lead time of traditional tooling systems. You'll make better parts, faster, with less need for operators to change setups (if at all). Our screw-down insert system is available for forming or shaving in both a very tough micrograin carbide and super-hard HSS for the widest possible range of applications.

This system is perfect not only for those who need completely finished tools, but also for those with in-house EDM to finish pre-made insert blanks. Our screw-down design is a proven system used by top manufacturers across the United States and which provides better chip and coolant flow and faster, more accurate tool changes than other systems. Ideal for both quick-change and datum point strategies. For more information, request our FREE Quick Change Insert Guide or Datum Point Tooling Guides.

The Advantages of Our Tooling Design:

  • Consistent positioning
  • Quick change
  • No restrictions to coolant or chip flow
  • Buy finished tools or ready-to-machine blanks
  • Available in both micrograin carbide and Rex76 HSS
  • Thicker inserts handle the heat better
  • Ideal for Datum Point Systems
  • Shorter lead times on tooling
  • No fooling with easily lost clamps or anvils