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Rotary Broaching


What if you could machine complex forms on your CNC Lathe, CNC Mill or Screw Machine that you'd normally have to outsource as a secondary operation or that you'd have to purchase and maintain expensive equipment to do in-house?

Our HexMaster™ rotary broaching holders do just that! Now you can machine high quality shapes that you'd otherwise never be able to make on your standard machine tools. Serrations, involute splines, hexes, squares... are all shapes that you can bring in house. Best yet, the holders are very affordable and you can change only the tool to create new shapes for other jobs.

Advantages of Rotary Broaching

  • Creates complex "impossible" shapes in seconds without expensive machinery or outsourcing.
  • Proven to create more accurate, visually more appealing forms than expensive rolling machines.
  • Reduce lead times for complex parts.
  • Improve quality by controlling it in-house.
  • Capable of fine serration profiles which are impossible to roll.
  • Reduced setup time and more reliable than alternatives.


While rotary broaching "works like magic" in the right applications, other applications just aren't well suited. If in doubt, contact us!

Limitations of Rotary Broaching

  • Depth to diameter ratios greater than 1.5 to 1
  • Involute splines with 30° or smaller pressure angles
  • Hard materials